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Grading, Excavation & Drainage


Whether you’re beginning work on a new home or you’re looking to make some upgrades to your current home, DMT Contractors LLC has the crew and the tools necessary to complete your grading, drainage and excavation work.

If you need to prepare your site but aren’t quite sure exactly what needs to be done, we can use our experience and expertise to help you get everything sorted. From building a new retaining wall to removing your old driveway so it can be replaced, we’re your #1 choice for the job. You can count on us to provide you with quick, efficient, and affordable services. And after the drainage, grading and site preparation work is done we can get started on whatever landscaping and/or hardscaping services you may need. Depending on your plans, it’s very likely that we can assist you further after site preparation.

We’d love to help make your property everything it can be from flower beds and mulch to patios and pathways. We want you to have the project on your property exactly how you want it and we’re excited to work with you. Call DMT Contractors today at 262-939-9368!


Drainage, grading, and site preparation with DMT Contractors are done quickly and correctly the first time.

  • Lawn installations
  • Land leveling
  • Retaining walls
  • Basement digging, pool digging and footing digging
  • Erosion control and slope stabilization
  • Bluff work and shoreline reclamation
  • Site preparation for retaining walls
  • Site preparation for concrete driveways
  • Asphalt and concrete removal
  • Concrete prep work
  • New construction grading, final grading

Grading, drainage, excavating, and site preparation services in particular can be very difficult and potentially dangerous for non-professionals, especially if you do not have access to proper equipment. DMT Contractors’ crews have the experience and training to make sure every job is done correctly, safely and efficiently. Because we can work with you afterwards on the landscaping and/or hardscaping renovations you may want, we can easily prepare the site based on your exact designs, needs, and ideas. We can also save you a tremendous amount of time and money by doing things right from the beginning.


Grading and excavating are often the major parts of a site preparation project. They are used to make your site free from stray items that might obstruct the eventual landscaping or hardscaping. The process also gets the area nicely evened out. Grading and excavating are different events in a progression of work.

Excavation comes first and is used to move earth, rocks, stumps, grass, roots, etc. This clears out a specific section of land of obstacles so that it is ready to be worked with.

Grading is essentially the leveling of your site. This process gets all the previous excavation area smoothed over into a flat and even surface. Because excavation has already gotten the problematic elements cleared, it allows for grading to be done efficiently and effectively. Otherwise random bits of earth, stone or other materials can cause unwanted bumps, or areas that look off balance. Grading is also essential for areas where hardscaping will be done, like laying down of pavers or the pouring of concrete for a driveway.

At DMT Contractors, our grading work will have your property set and ready for the next phase of your lawn or property improvement project!

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